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Licensing & Publishing

Every day we are excited to work with our artists in two different but complementary businesses: Art Licensing and Art Publishing.

When you peek into the offices at Wild Apple you’ll see walls, shelves and tables full of art, boards of inspiration and a creative team who loves what they do. From our artists to inspired designers and art industry professionals, we are focused on our mission to “find, create and deliver great art for the world.”

Art Licensing: As an art licensor, we act as agents to get our artists’ works placed on decorative products for the home. From stationery and ceramics to dinnerware, napkins, bath sets, towels, mugs and more, our art helps turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Manufacturers (licensees) pay a royalty on their sales, which is then divided between the artist and Wild Apple.

Art Publishing: Working with our artists, we print thousands of fine art prints every year that are sold to retailers, designers and wholesalers of quality wall decor. We release new collections every month so you can be sure the latest looks are only a mouse click away on our website.

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We know that in this business it is all about the art. We have never missed an artist royalty payment since we started in 1990. We have successful, long-term relationships with leading framers and manufacturers, and actively promote all artists and new artwork at tradeshows, via our website, through industry press and social media, as well as directly through our talented sales and marketing teams. We are known for our ability to consistently bring fresh, trend-right artwork to market. Our digital image capture is museum quality. And no other art publisher/licensing company we know of is fueled by chocolate the way we are.


You own the copyright to your original artwork. Unless you specifically transfer the copyright to another party, that “intellectual property” is yours, even if you sell the original. When you work with us, you are transferring “reproduction rights” for specified products and time periods. Wild Apple is proud to be a founding member of the Art Copyright Coalition (ACC)  a united group working together to combat illegal copying of our artists’ works. Together we take action against infringers, raise awareness of the issues at tradeshows, educate retailers who may be unknowingly supporting copyright infringers, and lobby governments on behalf of our members and the visual arts community. Learn more by visiting the website at www.artcopyright.net



Artists deserve to make a living – during their lifetimes! You create beauty, and people want beauty in their homes and decorating their walls. Manufacturers are continually seeking artwork to enhance their products and are willing to pay you for the right to use it. You can have an image published as a print, have it licensed onto a variety of products, and you can sell your original; each provides a separate income stream.

Gain a worldwide audience. Collectors may be able to afford your originals, but publishing and licensing make your art affordable to a much broader market – allowing you to share your creativity with the world.


Some artists publish and license their own work and are very successful at it. In addition to being talented artists, they are skilled business people and promoters. However, others find it more difficult to be the creative person generating artwork and the organizer / salesperson / negotiator / accountant. Most artists are eager to have someone else promote their work so that they can have more time to create art.


Published artwork is sold through custom framers, galleries, furniture stores, interior designers, and the wall decor sections of mainstream home furnishings chains (Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Target and more). Licensed artwork appears on products throughout these large retailers, as well as regional and independent gift, furniture, and decorative accessories stores.


We clearly spell out our mutual understanding through a publishing and/or a licensing contract that details your and our rights and obligations and, most importantly, royalty payments.